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THG Technology & Innovation Accelerator recruits the best graduates into high‐tech, high‐growth digital and engineering roles. We pay a competitive full‐time salary while you study, and there are no student fees to worry about, whatsoever. And, following the completion of the course, you’ll be guaranteed full‐time role within THG.

Programme Specification

The 2023 programme with September 2023 - March 2024 please. Your start date will be confirmed on successful application.

Knowledge themes and skills you will learn throughout the course

Supplementary Modules

Additional Computer Science Foundation and Practical Skills

Empowering your learning and practice journey with a wide range of computer science themes and knowledge, as well as a number of practical applications. Run concurrently with Modules One and Two and taught through a combination of lectures and workshops Designed and delivered by THG Accelerator Faculty, these include:

• Practical Applications:
  * Project work in small groups
  * Working alongside THG Software Engineers
  * Project Management

•  Computer Science Themes:
  * Introduction to Operating Systems
  * Object Oriented Modelling
  * Data Modelling
  * Knowledge Representation
  * Software Engineering Ethics and Agile Methods
  * Introduction to Data Analysis and Big Data
  * Introduction to Networking

Industry Primer

Tech Talks and Workshops

Selected Industry Primer delivered by internal industry speakers and Tech teams via Workshops and Tech Talks , and facilitated by Faculty members throughout the 6 month course. You will be introduced to a wide range of Tech Talks and professional development to supplement your study and projects work, including:

• Tech Talks:
  * Life of an Order
  * Life of a Product
  * Logistics and Supply Chain
  * TDD and Refactoring Workshops
  * Customer Insight
  * Data Engineering

•  Professional Development:
  * Presentation and Public Speaking Skills
  * Collaborative Working and Time Management
  * Developing a Growth and Success Mindset