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Our Purpose

For Beauty and Nutrition to become undisputed global digital leaders in their respective categories, and for THG Ingenuity to become the leading technology platform for the enterprise market, powering digital transformation for brands.

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Our Values

Since the early days of THG, an entrepreneurial mindset has always guided our approach to work and the environment we create.


We believe that the way consumers and brands connect is ever-changing, making it critical to evolve, adapt, and challenge our way of thinking. We are pioneering innovators and we strive to be at the forefront of technological developments by fostering creativity, resilience, and experimentation. To achieve this, we celebrate a diverse, inclusive culture and bring different perspectives together to solve problems.

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We have the courage to do things differently and, in doing so, we draw on our meritocratic culture to empower our people to lead with confidence and conviction. Regardless of background, age or experience, our people are given the opportunity to lead and succeed with us and we nurture their entrepreneurial spirit.


We are defined by our shared ambition and believe that dreaming big in terms of scale and quality drives our success. We see opportunities where others see challenges and we are not afraid to push the boundaries of what is possible as an organisation. We encourage our people to stretch goals and we believe in learning quickly from our mistakes to achieve better outcomes.

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We believe that focused, evidence-based, and timely decision-making drives success in a fast-moving sector. By having accurate data at our fingertips, our decision-making is balanced by risk, opportunity, and purpose. We encourage accountability for our decisions and continuously learn and improve to enable a fast-moving, high-growth business.

Our People

When a great mix of people come together and share their knowledge, experience and ideas, we can inspire and attract customers all over the world.



It doesn’t matter where you join us or in what role. There will be something for you at THG.


New jobs created in 2021

We have offices and distribution centres in 12 countries and 23 cities around the globe.



Our colleagues bring a wealth of experience and talent, working together to deliver exceptional results right across the business.

The wellbeing of and engagement with our people is a core part of delivering THG’s purpose, strategy and values.

We want to ensure we are investing in a workforce that is fit for the future, attracting and retaining innovative and inventive talent both at home in the UK and across the globe. THG are proud to support:

Vita Health, Employee Assistance Programme

TechScheme x THG

THG x Planet Earth

Learning and Development

Women in Tech Network

Accessibility Champion Network

Language and Culture Network