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Welcome to THG Technology & Innovation Accelerator

THG Accelerator is our revolutionary six-month programme that provides a gateway into a rewarding technology career in one of the world’s fastest growing technology companies. 

Aimed at university graduates from a non-computer science background who want to pursue a career in technology. You don’t need to have any prior experience in technology; you just need a graduate degree and an aptitude and passion for technology, programming, and data science. 

Come to learn, stay to work


We’ll consider you a THG technologist from the start, with exposure to real projects and real responsibilities.  

Within the 6-month programme you’ll be learning everything you need to know to become a fully-fledged software engineer. Through a mixture of theory-based lectures and hands on project work where you will solve real life problems for our business. 

THG Accelerator will:

Develop digital skills supporting

Support and celebrate diversification in tech engineering

Invest time in the community and share our know how and skills

Create a fearless group of innovators capable of using technology to better society

Learn programming from your peers  


Taking a hands-on approach, you will study software engineering from our very own THG technology experts whilst putting theory into practice, working on live projects from the business.  

Meet the Faculty 

  • Philip Wilson - Director R&D

  • James Mercer - Director R&D

  • Shaun Hall - Principal Software Engineer

  • James Creedy - Chief Architect

Meet our Alumni

  • Jade Elliott - Graduate Software Engineer, MSc in Applied Mathematics, University of Manchester

  • Robert Shearme - Graduate Software Engineer, BSc in Natural Science, University of Cambridge

  • Ruiheng Li - Graduate Software Engineer, PhD in Biological Physics, University of Manchester

  • Laura Ablitt - Graduate Linux and Virtualisation Engineer, BSc in Mechanical Engineering, Swansea University

  • Elena Waite - Graduate Software Engineer, Bachelor degree in Geography, University of Manchester

  • Alexa Powell - Graduate Software Engineer, MSc in Maths, University of Manchester

Are you ready?

We’re looking for ambitious technologists, who are well‐rounded and commercially astute, to bring fresh, innovative thinking to THG and drive the business forward. ​

You’ll receive a competitive full-time salary while studying, with no student fees to worry about. The best part is, after completing the course, you’re assured a full-time position within THG. ​

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