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We encourage talent in all shapes and forms, no matter what your academic background. Our teaching is hands‐on, and you’ll learn from the best. And, as a leading tech and ideas company, we have the experience and resources to nurture the pioneers of tomorrow.   

Programme requirements


  • You will have a degree in a STEM or related subject. However, we will also accept applications from students from non-STEM backgrounds who can demonstrate a commitment to and interest in technology and programming outside of their degree. 
  • You’ll have an aptitude for technology and a strong interest in programming and coding. 
  • Ideally, we would like for you to have some practical knowledge or experience of at least one coding language. This could have been gained through school or university, or through self-learning at home. 
  • You’ll have a passion for learning. 
  • You’ll possess good communication and team working skills. 

Application Process


1. Apply online

2. Screening call with the Tech Talent Team

3. 1-1 interviews – where you will chat with accelerator faculty and ex-accelerator graduates. Questions will be based on technical, motivational competencies

4. Offer

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