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THG launches app building challenge with £100,000 prize for UK students
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The Hut Group, a multi-website online retailer and software-as-a-service provider has today launched an App creation competition for developers in the UK with a £100,000 prize.

Game of Code challenges developers to build an app that improves everyday experiences for people interested in health, beauty or nutrition, whilst providing commercial value for one of its signature brands, such as Myprotein or LookFantastic.

The Hut Group is a multi-website online retailer, whose proprietary technology platform, built and operated in-house, powers its 65 health, beauty and fitness websites across 19 brands. In 2015, it shipped to over 190 countries with over 50% of revenue coming from customers outside the UK. It also powers the websites of leading brands such as Nintendo and Elizabeth Arden through its software-as-a-service product.

The Game of Code competition is designed to provide the best upcoming tech talent with an opportunity to showcase their developing and creative skills, by designing and building a product with real commercial value and to meet some of the UK’s most successful young technology leaders as part of the process.

“We’re really excited to launch Game of Code,” said Wing Yung Chan, Group Marketing Director at The Hut Group, “For us, this is much more than a competition. We want Game of Code to become the most important student competition to come out of the UK in recent years. It’s our way of uncovering the best technology and business talent in the UK and finding future stars to lead the way at The Hut Group.”

“The £100,000 prize shows how serious we are about investing in the young talent to help craft the future of the mobile commerce industry. We’re looking for the innovations that will bridge the gap between online purchase and offline consumption and we expect many of the top entries to be from teams consisting of not just coders but also writers, marketers, designers and entrepreneurs to develop a complete commercial offer.”

The competition is split into three levels. Firstly, entrants are asked to submit their idea. The best ideas will be invited to stage two, where they will be asked to build a working version of their idea. The top teams will then be shortlisted through a public vote. These teams will then be invited to attend an awards ceremony in London where the winner’s prize of £100,000 will be announced. The winning entry will be judged by senior executives from The Hut Group and industry specialists. Finalist teams will also be considered for paid internships at The Hut Group.

We’re committed to supporting the next generation of technology leaders as they develop their skills, and the life-changing prize for this competition reflects that,” said Ashley Ramrachia, Group Talent Director at The Hut Group, “We build and design all of our technology in-house and Game of Code will give entrants a flavour of the real-business experience we provide right from day one.”

The first round is now open for entries via the Game of Code website where you can download the full requirements and register for the competition. The deadline for entries is 31st January 2016, with winners announced in spring 2016.