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New Myprotein frozen pizzas launched exclusively at Iceland
MyProtein pizza with slice cut out

Myprotein has expanded its exclusive range of affordable, nutritional pre-prepared meals at Iceland and The Food Warehouse with two new protein-packed pizzas that make for the perfect lunch or dinner option.

This includes a Myprotein Meat Feast Pizza (£4.00, 390g) which contains a whopping 67g of protein and just 726 calories, and a Myprotein Chicken Curry Pizza (£4.00, 390g), which contains an equally huge 65g of protein and just 748 calories. Both pizzas also have a protein-enriched base. 

Each pizza is also loaded with delicious toppings; the MyProtein Meat Feast Pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, Italian ham, Mexican style tomato sauce, spiced beef and tender chicken breast, and the Myprotein Chicken Curry Pizza with curry sauce, mozzarella cheese, marinated spicy chicken breast, red pepper, red onion, yogurt and spinach.

These new dishes from the world’s leading sports nutrition brand are also available for just £4.00 each, making them a great mealtime option in terms of both nutritional and financial value.

Through these additions and the wider range, Iceland and Myprotein have taken the prep out of meal prep. Each Myprotein meal also comes prepared in reusable packaging, allowing customers to reduce their waste and tackle their own meal prep in the future.

A spokesperson from Iceland Foods said: “We’re constantly striving to bring our customers the best and we’re delighted that Myprotein is expanding its exclusive range with us to deliver more delicious, nutritious, and affordable healthy meal options for all our customers as we head into spring.”

A spokesperson for Myprotein said: “We are delighted to be adding to our exclusive frozen meal prep range in collaboration with Iceland, helping drive our offering for Myprotein customers while providing Iceland's customers with access to the highest quality, curated nutritional frozen food.

“We’re sure these protein-packed pizzas will go down a treat.”

The full list of the new additions to the Myprotein range at Iceland;

Myprotein’s full range is available exclusively instore and online, with the new additions launching on Tuesday 28th March 2023.