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The Hut Group Nurtures Young Talent and Creates Hundreds of Jobs

The Hut Group Nurtures Young Talent and Creates Hundreds of Jobs


The Hut Group Apprenticeship Program Now Surpasses 500

The Hut Group’s Apprenticeship Program has flourished since it’s launch in 2010, creating jobs and opportunities for over 500 young people across the UK.

As one of the fastest growing online retail companies in the UK running a variety of websites including, and, The Hut Group saw a sales growth of 70% in 2011 totaling £143m across all sites.

The Hut Group Apprenticeship Program provides opportunities across all operations with successful apprentices going on to work in Customer Service, Online Marketing, Buying, Trading and many more roles at the forefront of the online retail market.

Ashley Ramrachia, Group Head of Talent said; “The apprenticeship program has been a tremendous success for both apprentices and The Hut Group alike, we are proud of our investment in the local, talented workforce and are committed to further expansion, creating many more exciting career opportunities in operations across the Group”.

Graham Evans MP for Northwich said; “The Hut Group Head Office (based in Northwich) is a very important local employer. During the current economic struggle, we’re very grateful to have such an enlightened employer to help our young community to thrive and develop key e-commerce skills that will prove invaluable in the future”.

For further information about The Hut Group’s Apprenticeship Program please contact [email protected] or visit The Hut Group at

For all other enquiries please contact Clare Potts at [email protected].

About The Hut Group

The Hut is the UK’s leading multi-product, multi-website online retailer with rapidly growing international operations. Founded in 2004 by CEO Matthew Moulding, it is focused on selling fast moving consumer goods that are non-perishable with high levels of repeat purchase. Products span health and beauty, gifting, entertainment, fashion, bags and footwear.

The Hut has developed its own best in class end-to-end technology platform supporting its multiple websites including: