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My first 6-months at THG: Gabby Davies

Ciara Palfreyman

"Networking and community are big at THG. It's a large business, but you quickly learn who is who and who does what."


Gabby joined THG Beauty in November 2023, just before Black Friday, our busiest trading period. Keep reading to learn how Gabby has settled into life at THG. 


"Before THG, I worked at a small recruitment agency in Manchester. I loved working with candidates and helping them secure their dream job, but I knew I wanted to work in-house. When I saw my role advertised, I had to apply; it combined everything I love about recruitment with an industry I am obsessed with. 

My onboarding experience was fantastic. My team were super welcoming and invested their time and energy into helping me get to grips with everything. It was a huge adjustment for me, moving from a small agency to a global group, but everyone made me feel at ease straight away. Joining just before Cyber, THG's busiest trading period, meant that I got a feel for THG's culture very quickly and on reflection, it was probably the best way to start my THG career.

I've managed to squeeze a lot into the past 6-months, but my favourite project to-date has been leading on the recruitment for THG Beauty's Early Careers programmes. I've delivered three Assessment Centres and hired over 30 graduates, interns, and apprentices into the division, all within a few months of joining. My goal is to make THG Beauty's Early Careers onboarding process as smooth and informative as possible, and I'm looking forward to working with the Early Careers team more over the next 12-months to achieve that. 

The one thing I've noticed is that networking and community are really big at THG. It's a large business, but you quickly learn who is who and who does what. Working with the wider Talent team across all areas of the Group has been so good for my development as it's allowed me to meet new people, learn about the business, and work on projects to ensure that THG remains a great place to work.

My advice to someone joining THG would be throw yourself into every opportunity that comes your way. It's a unique business where you can really grow as a person and as a professional, and reap the benefits as you go! There's a genuine belief at THG that most things can be taught, but you need to have that go-getter mindset to make the most of everything the business has to offer. Get involved with your team, ask to shadow that meeting you're intrigued to learn more about, ask questions, and give it your all. If you have that kind of mindset, you'll love it just as much as I do."

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