our commitment

THG is committed to doing business responsibly and reducing any adverse impacts of our operations on the environment. We also recognise the importance of encouraging the same values through our entire supply chain to maximise the positive impacts we can create.

Four Pillar

Sustainability Strategy

Four pillars of sustainability define our strategy, which are underpinned by eight areas of focus, recognising that sustainable business encompasses a broad range of topics. An important aspect is the management of our environmental footprint, including carbon emissions, natural resources and waste. We have always taken our environmental impact very seriously, and we’re already taking big steps to improve our performance. Additionally, we place equal importance on our wider ethical and societal impacts through our value chain including on our suppliers, customers and employees. We seek to hold transparent conversations with our customers and stakeholders to ensure that our actions are driven by clear targets, continuous improvement and innovation.

We're Committed To

The Planet

Reducing Carbon & Energy

Eliminating Waste

Sustainable Resources

Protecting Natural Resources

Creating Ethical Supply Chains


Improving Physical & Mental Health

Enhancing Employee Wellbeing


Giving Back to Communities

Generating a Sustainable Economy