THG x Planet Earth

Our Sustainability Strategy

Since 2004, THG has been revolutionising how brands connect with consumers. Today, we drive the global growth of some of the world’s best-known brands.  

THG x Planet Earth is our Group strategy for a better, sustainable future together. 

We will use the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to guide our vision, and technology to lead our actions. We will empower those who strive for a better, more equitable world and create opportunities for them to thrive. We will take responsibility for the environmental impact that is within our control, and we will use our influence to inspire others to do the same.  


We have always been fast-paced, agile and responsive to changes in the market, and our sustainability strategy is no different – while we have our sights set on the year 2030, we will certainly do our best to achieve more and work in partnership with others to accelerate the pace of positive change.

Download our THG x Planet Earth strategy here.

Our 2030 goals

Protecting climate and nature

We plan to leave the world a better place than we found it. A code red alert has signalled to the world that action needs to be accelerated to protect the planet’s climate and natural ecosystems.   

Growing at pace is in our nature at THG. We are already transforming our own operations to reduce our environmental impact, and through THG (eco) we are supporting others to build a more sustainable future. 

Strengthening our supply chain and circularity

We take responsibility very seriously, for the lifecycle of everything we produce and for the livelihoods of every person affected by our business. We have a duty to ensure our supply chain is responsible, ethical and does not adversely affect other people or the planet. 

Planet Earth can’t afford unlimited resources. So we have wasted no time in developing closed-loop solutions to reduce, recycle or repurpose any and all of the waste we generate. 

Empowering people and communities

It is imperative that our people and communities feel empowered to make a positive difference in the world. 

Since we started up in the North West of England, our ambitious employees have been pushing the boundaries of innovation to become the global influence we are today. We know that a diverse, inclusive and supportive environment brings out the best in people. That is why we are tackling inequality throughout our workforce, supply chain and in our communities. 

THG (eco)

What is THG (eco)?

THG (eco) is powering us towards our sustainability targets. But we know that real impact needs collaborative and coordinated action between governments, organisations, businesses and individuals. That is why we are leveraging our scale to accelerate change for others. Through THG (eco), we are developing solutions to make it easier for people, businesses and organisations to make a big, collective difference to the planet. 


Recycle:Me by THG (eco) was launched in 2021, and designed to tackle ‘hard-to-recycle’ beauty products with complex plastic packaging, such as mascara, lipstick and eyeshadow palettes. Customers shopping on our beauty websites in the UK can return their empty plastic beauty packaging to us, free of charge, to be recycled. They can also include used plastic beauty products from any brand – even if they were not purchased via a THG website – and we will recycle them. 


As part of THG (eco), THG/Recycling stops plastic from ending up in landfill where it could take centuries to break down, risking harm to our wildlife. We recycle both consumer and post-industrial plastic waste and reprocess it into high-quality plastic compound that can be reused again and again. Our in-house recycling capabilities reduce the need to produce new, virgin plastics and cut the amount of plastic ending up in our environment.  

More Trees

Through (more:trees) by THG (eco), brands and individuals are planting trees in forests worldwide, making a small change today that will have a big impact in the future. The open access platform enables people to manually or automatically plant trees in projects all over the world. Working with trusted partners, the newly planted trees will sequester CO2 emissions in the future while providing significant local benefits today, including poverty alleviation, education, skill-sharing, food, shelter, biodiversity and coastal protection.