From the culture of ‘doing what other people want you to do’ of merchant banking, to the ‘start-up’ atmosphere he found in THG, Vlad’s decision to make the move was an easy one. Not just a geographic move, but also a professional move, as it saw him go from finance-related work to machine learning/data science. A decision that, after three months with us, saw him presenting a project he had delivered to the Executive Team. It was a solution that was going to make the life of the whole business easier – and they liked it a lot.

“There are a lot more progression opportunities here, even in a completely new field for me”

As the Group grows, changes and broadens its horizons in every sense, Vlad is facing challenges that reflect this evolution. His team needs to grow to cope with the added demands made on our Data Sciences-related services. That also means that he and his team have to have access to the latest technology and facilities that more mature businesses may find easier to access, but he’s enjoying finding ways around any issues that may arise, and still getting the work done on time and to a high standard.

“I'm looking to build a much bigger data science team within the business, there's a lot of options that we have yet to explore, but we can do a lot in that space”

Vlad believes that promoting the power and capabilities of our proprietary eCommerce platform, Ingenuity, and its related services – including Data Sciences – is a great opportunity to drive our business growth even further, rather than rely purely on the acquisition of new businesses. He’s sure that with the bright, young people he works with and leads, we will continue to grow big, because we think big and act big.