Before she joined us full time, Vivien was half working for us, as she shared her time between THG and an agency in France. She was teaching eCommerce, project management and online marketing and fancied a change after doing the same work for five years. She discovered the opportunity we were offering, applied and joined us in May 2016.

“Our team is very diverse; all of that team is so international and we all get along really well”

In the short time she has been with us, Vivien has been promoted twice. First to Manager and then to Senior Manager. She’s also noticed a lot of changes in the business itself: the growing number of people and the help and support people are receiving to help them achieve their goals. She appreciates the improvements to the working environment, making it a better, more productive office to work in.

“I have a level of trust that I could not have hoped for. I came into THG at 26, and have been gradually given so much responsibility”

Vivien is now responsible for a big team made up mostly of graduates. People who are transitioning from having to attend perhaps eight hours of lectures a week, to coming to the terms of working in the real – the very real – world of THG. There is only one word to describe managing this challenge, while still meeting targets: tough.

To bring some balance to her life, Vivien chooses two ‘classic’ methods of relaxation to help unwind: going to the gym and going to the pub.