After six years working in merchant banking, Tolu eventually gave in to the temptation of working for us. His meeting with our people and the direction that they outlined the business was going in proved a crucial factor in his decision to join. That, alongside how quickly we had grown, and the fact that such a big company was operating so close to his home city of Manchester.

“I thought: this company is going places, it's done a lot of big things for the age that it is, so I thought it would be quite challenging to come here”

That was a little over a year ago and in that time, Tolu has already seen some big changes – most notably, our acquisition of several businesses in the space of just a few months. He also appreciates our focus on ‘luxury’, how our Talent Team is helping build leaders through the training programmes that are being introduced, and how we’re taking care of our people.

“As a leader you need to be able to step back and view the bigger picture of what's going on. It's to cut away the fat and understand what really matters to allow you to be decisive”

On a more personal note, Tolu is enjoying the challenge of achieving the balance between three key factors in his area of specialisation: time to market, technology excellence and the time it takes to find the perfect solution. He’s also rising to the challenge of managing a team of 12 people.

Tolu sees his role going forward as pioneering innovate tech solutions for the Group, to help us become leaders in the world of eCommerce. His advice to anybody joining the nimble, fast, chaotic culture that is THG is not to be scared and to just take it on – you will be given lots of responsibility, but there are lots of people around with the experience and expertise to support and back you up. If you see an opportunity, grab it with both hands!