Sophie worked at the BBC for 6 years before joining THG, but left looking for a new challenge in a faster-paced environment. She arrived as content writer, and within 3 months had been promoted to manager, leading a team within the Diet division.

“I love that we are constantly evolving and changing, and you feel like you're really an integral part of that; you're really making a change.”

Sophie is excited to see more emphasis being placed on the importance of brand category ownership within our portfolio as the business grows. Something she's had an impact on first-hand with Exante, having steered it through an 18 month re-brand process.

"In any other company I could have just come in and written blogs; instead I got to help completely overhaul a brand from start to finish"

From helping to develop new packaging, overseeing the redesign of the website and a complete content refresh, Sophie is incredibly grateful for the width of experience the company has given her. But her main thrill is receiving emails from customers telling her that losing weight with Exante has changed their life; it's a satisfaction that cannot be bought.

Before her maternity leave starts, Sophie is facing the challenge of launching the US brand Ideal Shape into the UK and Europe. To make the integration run smoothly, Sophie flew to Utah to meet the team, and lead a project to identify how the brand would be rolled out globally.

We're sure what Sophie enjoys about being at THG will apply when her little one arrives: 'it’s utterly brilliant chaos.'