Rick had a pretty interesting previous life before THG; he once wrote a TV pilot which earned him an Emmy nomination! So it makes sense that it was another engaging piece of writing which first sparked his interest in working here: an article in a national newspaper describing the ‘relentless growth’ occurring in the business.

"There's true meritocracy - if you're good enough, the opportunities are there to be taken."

Since joining the Myprotein team in February 2016 as Head of Social Media, Rick has been at the forefront of social innovation for the business; rolling out Facebook Live events across the divisions.

"Social media is becoming a bigger and bigger thing, and it's not going away"

Rick is thriving on the changes that Myprotein has seen in the short time he’s been with the team. From selling predominantly to bodybuilders in the UK, the business has transformed into a super-brand catering to a huge variety of customers all over the world; in territories as far reaching as Australia and Japan.

Global expansion also features massively in Rick’s development within the Group. He’s looking forward to the globalisation of other brands within the business – and is sure he can play a major part in helping THG becoming an even bigger global player.