When she started as a Marketing Assistant at THG in 2014, there were only three NVQs in the Beauty team. The Commercial Marketing team she joined had only recently been established, so there was only her and her manager at the time. She soon made the move to HQhair, where she has done almost everything, including the roles of social and trading assistant.

“When I started, the beauty team was a team of 10, and now it fills the whole trading floor, so the growth of the company is amazing”

She enjoyed trading and made the move in the same role to our Lookfantastic brand. She completed her NVQ and was promoted to Trading Manager on Lookfantastic.com and, in March 2017, moved into her current role as Head of Trading for the US.

“I'd love to be a General Manager of a territory – that's the next step for me”

The latest challenge facing Mollie couldn’t be much bigger – managing the team and territory for the entire US, while being based in the UK. It’s one she relishes, because it involves working with like-minded, ambitious, energised people.

Mollie believes there’s no great secret to succeeding at THG – it’s not just to be ambitious, but to also be prepared to work hard to achieve your goals. Everybody has a dream, and you definitely have to have that drive to fulfil it.