It was the prospect of working for a different type of company that attracted Kendra to THG – and we didn’t disappoint. Since she joined in 2015, she’s faced several challenges, and enjoyed every single one of them.

“One of the best things about THG is that you can decide your own direction"

In fact, it’s her current role that best illustrates how quickly the business is growing; the Learning and Development team she is now in didn’t exist 12 months ago.

“Seeing people happy around the workplace is really going to be a reflection on the work that we're doing”

Kendra and her team are responsible for thinking strategically about how we grow, train and develop our people within the business – everybody from new graduate recruits to established leaders and managers.

Kendra tries to make THG a good place to work and provide the support people need to deliver their full potential. She is determined to make Learning and Development a major factor in the ongoing success of the business, supporting each individual as they progress through the company. She wants her team to make sure that the door is open for our people to be ambitious, for them to have ideas and make them happen – and for her people to really care about what others want to achieve.