After graduating with a first class degree in Mathematics, Katy joined the graduate programme at AXA insurance, but she got bored by all the red-tape and regulations. Looking around for a fresh challenge, she was attracted to THG by the pace and rate of growth, and joined us in October 2016.

“We've become more people focused, which is really nice. It's been great to drive some of that”

Joining Customer Science when she arrived, it only took a couple of months for Katy to be promoted to her current role as Head of People Insight in the People Team. A big move, that she admits she wasn’t sure that she was ready to make – but was really proud to have been recognised as someone with the potential to drive the business forward.

“I want to progress into a bigger and better role. I have this drive, always making me think what’s next”

Katy’s aim going forward is for the Group to make better use of the data it gathers from our people. Putting her mathematical skills to good use to get beyond basic personal and professional details to embrace educational backgrounds, language skills and life experiences. By making the most of our people, Katy believes we can start building an even better future.