After almost nine years working in her native India, Esha decided it was time for a big change. After conducting a few online interviews, she got a chance to have an informal chat with the, CEO of our Myprotein brand, who told her there was an opportunity as India Manager for the brand. This was Monday and she was in Delhi. By Thursday, after a 14 hours flight, she was being interviewed at our HQ in Northwich.

“I wouldn’t be able to work anywhere where I wouldn’t be learning anything. It's the best thing about working here”

She received three other London-based job offers, but she loved the role and the whole THG set-up so much, that she accepted – even though it meant moving to Manchester, a city she knew little about and knew nobody living there. After an eight month wait for her visa, she joined in April 2017 and hasn’t looked back since.

“I think THG is a place where if you want to try something new, if you want to achieve something, it will always provide you with a platform to do that”

In the short time she’s been with us, Esha and her team have been responsible for launching India as a country market. A challenge that was as big as the geographic area it covers – and that includes not just India itself, but also Pakistan, Bangladesh and Africa.

Esha sees her latest challenge as building India as a fully-fledged business and a strong, recognised brand. Not just launching a website, but establishing an operational infrastructure and employing the right people to work there – a massive challenge in itself. It also involves working with hundreds of government officials to make sure that all the necessary paperwork is in order, all regulations are met, all permissions are granted, to make any progress. A challenge made even more ambitious by the volatile nature of emerging markets – but she's looking forward to getting started.