A massive opportunity: it’s what brought Daniel to THG. A chance to join, as he describes; ‘a huge company growing quickly’, and help develop the leaders of the future. He found it was like walking into a brand new world, but it was the rare chance to create something from the ground up that really attracted him.

“How to help people and how to make people better - that’s all me and my team think about all day every day."

After only a few months with us, Daniel has already noticed considerable changes; including how when you get ‘the people thing’ right and help them find meaning in what they do, then everything else gets easy.

“Now we've got to start bringing in something softer, something more liquid, more holistic for people”

His work with the Myprotein team is a good example of what Daniel and his people in Leadership Development are aiming to achieve. Working with groups of 20 people over a period of 8 weeks, he created a definite ‘family’ feel among team members from all over Europe, by taking them off-site, away from day-to-day routine, away from their desks, away from their laptops and phones, and got them to connect.

Daniel sees his biggest challenge as being the introduction of a new way for the business to work with its people; without diluting the innovative, ambitious, decisive qualities that have made it what it is today. With the high calibre and outstanding talents of the people he sees in the group, Daniel has no doubt that it will continue on its journey of growth and success for many years to come.