Head of Marketing Bryony applied to THG after discovering how vast and rapid the growth of the business was – as a fellow Northerner, she wanted to be part of the powerhouse emerging in the North West.

“The global expansion has been rapid, but the culture and values of the company still remain.”

Having experienced several roles within the business and become accustomed to the pace and style of working, Bryony’s efforts and abilities were rewarded with a promotion to her current role in less than two years. Bryony sees the speed at which we work as being not only a challenge, but also a real buzz.

“There are so many opportunities and doors opening with acquisitions – it's a really exciting time”

The most impressive thing she’s seen at THG? For a lot of companies, launching a brand in just three weeks is an impossibility; for THG, it’s a challenge. It takes flexibility, quick thinking, decisive actions and total commitment; attributes she looks for in her own team.

It’s the massive changes that Bryony has not only seen, but been a part of, that she really enjoys about working for the business, and is looking forward to inspiring her team to add to the pace of those developments and growth. When she’s not helping develop her team and the business, you’ll find her in the gym or de-stressing on the yoga mat.