THG Nutrition

THG Nutrition

THG Nutrition comprises the Myprotein brand family, including Myvitamins, Myvegan and MP clothing, as well as Exante Diet.  

Under THG’s ownership, Myprotein has evolved from a small UK business to a global aspirational wellness brand. Based on revenue, Myprotein and its sub-brands is the largest online D2C sports nutrition brand globally, with internationalisation powered by THG Ingenuity and THG’s digital brand building capabilities. 

THG Nutrition is home to a combination of wellbeing brands, with product lines spanning performance supplements, vitamins, minerals, high protein foods, high-protein snacks, energy drinks and leisure apparel. Since Myprotein was acquired in 2011, sales have increased at a +43% sales CAGR, as we used the Ingenuity technology ecosystem to drive rapid growth in direct-to-consumer sales through range and international expansion. 

Myprotein operates a vertically integrated model with c.80% of products manufactured in-house through a network of five nutrition product manufacturing facilities in the UK, USA and Europe, and each family brand is supported by individual brand building, product development, digital content, influencers, trading and marketing strategies; enabling broad based growth across all categories of the global nutrition market. 

This combined technology and operating ecosystem, powered by the THG Ingenuity platform, has proven to be highly effective and has facilitated rapid international growth, with Myprotein holding leading market shares in the UK and Western Europe, while rapidly scaling its presence in Asia and North America. 

THG further enhanced its vertically integrated model with the acquisition of two longstanding suppliers, Claremont Ingredients Limited and David Berryman Limited in December 2020. Following these acquisitions, THG now has in-house proprietary flavour development, fruit blending and ready-to-drink formulation innovation and canning, which will facilitate faster new product development across all THG Nutrition brands, enhancing speed to market. 

Both Claremont and Berryman’s will continue to generate revenue from third-party customers, who will benefit from THG’s investment commitment and scale sourcing benefits. The additional facilities will broaden the range of products that the Group can manufacture for its THG Ingenuity clients, providing an opportunity for brands to add THG developed and manufactured nutrition products to their online direct-to-consumer websites 

Going forward, THG will continue to invest further in its technology and logistics infrastructure to better service its international customers, while continuing to evolve THG Nutrition’s product range in line with local tastes, replicating the success seen in Asia in other growing markets. These disruptive digital brands continue to scale rapidly, powered by the unique localisation capabilities of the Ingenuity platform.