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Senior Platform Engineer


Senior Platform Engineer

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THG Tech


Manchester, United Kingdom

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THG is a fast-moving, global technology business that specialises in taking brands direct to consumers. Our world-class proprietary tech and infrastructure powers our extensive portfolio of beauty, nutrition and lifestyle brands and is now helping drive exponential growth of our clients’ brands globally.  

We’re powered by a global team of over 7,000 ambitious people around the world. Our culture is fast-paced and entrepreneurial, it’s this DNA that has supported our incredible growth.

We’re always looking for individuals that can bring fresh and innovative thinking to THG, and play a part in driving the group forward on its exciting journey. So, if you’re ready to take the next big step in your career, challenge yourself every day and evolve with the world around you, THG is ready for you. 

Tech at THG

Technology is the driving force behind THG, and it starts with our people. We are ambitious with our goals and challenge conventional thinking. THG Technology is different because we support every single person to make massive impact and drive their own work. Our people are always learning, and we work every day to ensure our technology, from our software platforms to our hosting services, to our M.L capability and beyond, is world class. This enables us to keep powering THG and our partners on a global scale.

Ingenuity Compute Engine – ICE

Ingenuity Compute Engine is the name for the internal platform at THG, designed to enable our development teams and solutions architects to deploy their applications and services in a way which offers flexibility, a cloud-native approach, and complimentary infrastructure. Easing their own operational overhead.

ICE interfaces with downstream services, making use of composable infrastructure for the likes of compute and object storage, as well as providing abstractions on top of those elements, such as Kubernetes Clusters on top of VMware and other clouds.

Code for the platform is developed with an open-source goal, with elements being publicly available and integrated with online catalogues such as Helm Repositories and OperatorHub.

What will I be doing?

As part of the team, you will be responsible for developmental tasks which build, enhance and support the platform and its tooling, in use by the rest of the business.

In a developmental capacity, you will be responsible for:

  • Designing and instilling best-practice for automation of ICE
  • Managing deployments and upgrades in a reproduceable
  • Evangelising and championing DevOps & SRE principles within and without the
  • Helping to develop the capabilities of the ICE platform.
  • Contributing to upstream tooling where appropriate (e.g., feature enhancement of a tool).
  • Debugging and troubleshooting issues with components where they In a wider capacity, you will be part of the team and helping to:
  • Evangelising ICE within
  • Listening to developer feedback and understanding
  • Taking part in typical development ceremonies and agile


What would success in this role look like?

Success in this role is helping to build out a platform which is robust, redundant, and scalable. We would like to see a scenario where a new DC is brought online, and because of our robust automation and pipelines, we are able to deploy our entire stack to the new environment within a short period of time.

Success is not being awoken in the middle of the night because some element of the ICE platform has broken, requiring manual intervention and an immediate fix. The build should be self-healing insofar as it’s possible to investigate problems after the fact, and not interrupt service.

Success is being confident that our platform is modern, up to date, and is fulfilling the brief of enabling the development practices within THG.

Success is being proud of what we’re building and growing as an engineer indefinitely.


What skills and experience would I need?

The ideal candidate would encompass the DevOps and SRE mindset of wanting to automate, maintain a good service, practice what they preach, and address technical debt.

Desired Technologies:

  • Programming experience in Golang (primary) and Python (secondary).
  • Experience with Databases and Key-Value stores, for example:
    • CockroachDB
    • Etcd
  • Experience with Messaging systems, for example:
    • NATS
    • ActiveMQ
  • Automation experience using CI/CD solutions, for example:
    • GitHub Actions
  • Experience with infrastructure as code tools and concepts, for example:
    • Terraform
    • CloudFormation
  • Experience with configuration management tools and concepts, for example:
    • Ansible
  • Experience with Kubernetes as a platform, for example:
    • Developing CRDs and Controllers
    • Developing Operators
    • Good understanding and experience using Cluster API
    • Good understanding and experience using Ingress controllers such as Nginx or HAProxy
  • Experience with SLO/SLA concepts and supporting tooling, for example:
  • Grafana
  • Prometheus and AlertManager
  • Loki
  • Experience with GitOps and reconciliation tooling for automation, for example:
    • Flux CD
  • Experience with object storage, for example:
    • Ceph
    • S3
  • Experience with VMware private cloud
  • Experience with authentication and authorization using OIDC and
  • Understanding of typical platform tooling such as load-balancers, composable networking, FaaS,
  • Familiarity with different open-source licenses, and their implications.

Nice to see:

  • Development/enhancement of open-source DevOps
  • Familiarity with private Kubernetes deployment methods, g.:
    • kOps
    • ClusterAPI (and its vSphere Provider)
    • Rancher
    • Kubespray
  • Familiarity with automation encryption tools, g.:
    • SOPS
    • GPG/PGP
  • Usage of some enterprise industry tooling, g.:
    • NS1
    • Teleport

What's in it for me?

  • Competitive salary
  • Build solutions using the latest technology
  • Work alongside genuine industry experts
  • Continuous development through THG Academy, our in-house L&D team
  • Staff discounts on THG brands and Hale Country Club
  • On-site doctor, physio and barber

Because of the high volumes of applications our opportunities attract, it sometimes takes us time to review and consider them all. We endeavour to respond to every application we receive within 14 days. If you haven't heard from us within that time frame or should you have any specific questions about this or other applications for positions at THG please contact one of our Talent team to discuss further. 

THG is committed to creating a diverse & inclusive environment and hence welcomes applications from all sections of the community. 

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