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Our Purpose and Values

Our Purpose

THG’s purpose is to reinvent how brands connect digitally consumers.

We are transforming how consumer brands go to market in the digital age. Through our proprietary platform, Ingenuity, we are providing a simpler, integrated, and frictionless retail experience for consumers and brand owners.

By democratising online retail, we are overcoming its structural technology barriers by enabling brands and retailers to have direct relationships with consumers, improving accessibility.

Our Values


We believe that the way consumers and brands connect is ever-changing, making it critical to evolve, adapt, and challenge our way of thinking. We are pioneering innovators and we strive to be at the forefront of technological developments by fostering creativity, resilience, and experimentation. To achieve this, we celebrate a diverse, inclusive culture and bring different perspectives together to solve problems.

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Zee Somji, People Director at THG


We have the courage to do things differently and, in doing so, we draw on our meritocratic culture to empower our people to lead with confidence and conviction. Regardless of background, age or experience, our people are given the opportunity to lead and succeed with us and we nurture their entrepreneurial spirit.


We are defined by our shared ambition and believe that dreaming big in terms of scale and quality drives our success. We see opportunities where others see challenges and we are not afraid to push the boundaries of what is possible as an organisation. We encourage our people to stretch goals and we believe in learning quickly from our mistakes to achieve better outcomes.

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We believe that focused, evidence-based, and timely decision-making drives success in a fast-moving sector. By having accurate data at our fingertips, our decision-making is balanced by risk, opportunity, and purpose. We encourage accountability for our decisions and continuously learn and improve to enable a fast-moving, high-growth business.


Our fifth and newest value, Collaboration, was voted for by our global workforce in 2022 to best describe their THG experience.  Playing a central part in our culture, our collaborative mindset is reflected in how we view and work with one another as colleagues, and in the partnerships that we forge with our customers and stakeholders to drive mutual success.

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Business Model

Purpose and Values


Purpose & Values