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Staff members discussing together at THG

Our Purpose and Values

Our Purpose

THG's purpose is to make an impact through digital transformation, innovation, and expertise.

Making an impact is what we do; it's why we exist. We strive to make an impact for our people, our customers, our Ingenuity clients, our suppliers and partners, our shareholders, and our communities.

Our Values


We think big

We set ourselves ambitious goals,
seeing opportunities where others see obstacles. We take pride in our work and view our setbacks as valuable learning experiences. Our progressive mindset allows us to deliver better outcomes for
our people, our brands, our clients, our customers, and our communities.

Staff member from THG dressed in a colourful fleece jacket
Zee Somji, People Director at THG


We do things differently

We celebrate experimentation and champion entrepreneurial thinking. We find solutions, not problems, and use our creativity and resilience to drive continuous improvement.


We lead by example

We inspire, motivate, and encourage each other to push the boundaries of what is possible. We set a positive example and promote a culture of meritocracy so that everyone at THG, no matter their background, age, or experience, has the opportunity go further, faster.

Young female staff member from THG with blonde hair wearing a leather jacket
Young woman smiling wearing a blue jumper


We work together

We share ideas, insights, and skills to create a meaningful impact and drive positive results for our business. We listen to each other, we trust each other, and we strive to create an environment where everyone feels heard.


We make bold decisions

We use robust data to make quick, informed, and confident decisions. We take calculated risks and we’re not afraid to take accountability for our actions.

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About Us

Business model


Business Model

Purpose and Values


Purpose & Values