The Board is supported by Audit, Remuneration, Nomination and Related Party Committees.

Executive directors are not members of these Board committees, although they may be invited to attend meetings.

The Committees are responsible for reviewing the effectiveness of their terms of reference, as appropriate, and for making recommendations to the Board for changes where necessary. The minutes of Committee meetings are circulated to all Committee members, and reports on each Committee meeting are given by the Committee chairperson to the Board.

Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee comprises: Zillah Byng-Thorne (Chair), Dominic Murphy, Damian Sanders, and Iain McDonald.

The Committee’s principal responsibilities cover internal control and risk management, external audit (including the independence of the external auditor), internal audit and financial reporting.

The Audit Committee’s Terms of Reference

Related Party Committee

The Related Party Committee comprises: Zillah Byng-Thorne (Chair) and Dominic Murphy.

The Board has established a Related Party Committee. The Committee’s principal responsibility is oversee and approve on behalf of the Board the terms of any Related Party Transactions with the Propco Group.

The Related Party Committee’s Terms of Reference

Nominations Committee

The Nomination Committee comprises: Dominic Murphy (Chair), Zillah Byng-Thorne and Iain McDonald.

The Committee’s principal responsibility is to evaluate the Board’s requirements for directors and to ensure that appropriate procedures are in place for their nomination, selection and succession.

The Nomination Committee’s Terms of Reference

Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee comprises: Damian Sanders (Chair), Dominic Murphy, Zillah Byng-Thorne, Tiffany Hall and Iain McDonald

The Committee is responsible for setting the remuneration and benefits of the executive directors. We aim to attract, retain and motivate high-calibre directors who will create shareholder value.

The Remuneration Committee’s Terms of Reference